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Germany Spotlight: Oberammergau Passion Play

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch with the German National Tourism Board as a part of a national press conference tour they are doing to promote the Oberammergau Passion Play. I wasn't familiar with this theater event previously and learned quite a bit from this event which featured the play's director and one of their featured actors who will play Jesus in 2020.

In 1633, the town of Oberammergau was hit hard by the Black Plague. In an effort to be rid of it, the villagers made a promise to God that they would perform a reenactment of the passion of the Christ every 10 years if no one else died from the disease. There were no further afflictions, and so, since 1634, the play as been performed decade after decade.

In May through October of 2020, the 42nd Passion Play will be performed, attracting over 500,000 visitors. It is performed on an outdoor stage and lasts approximately five hours (but don't worry, there is a lengthy intermission so attendees can eat dinner). The 2,000 people involved in the production are all residents of Oberammergau (and must have been for 20 years or have ancestors that were involved in the early years of the play in order to be eligible to participate).

Though the event is happening in 2020, tickets are already on sale and are going quickly. There are single tickets available for those who wish to day trip to the event, packages that include local hotel. Some of Pique's favorite group travel partners such as Tauck also have wonderful itineraries through Bavaria and the Alps that include tickets to the play.

Reach out to Pique today if you're interested in attending this monumental event. It's not too soon to start planning! Email us at

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