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The Greatness of Greece

Pique Travel Designer Liz Matassa recently returned from an epic two weeks in the islands of Greece...aboard the new Silversea Silver Moon. Here's a little about her experiences traveling during this time and what she enjoyed most about getting back to this amazing country.

For years I have been a fan of the service and ships of Silversea Cruises. I recently had the opportunity to sail on their newest ship...the Silver Moon. To say it was a memorable and impressive experience would be an understatement.

Of course the journey started even before I arrived at the airport. Traveling during the pandemic just means we have to be a bit more aware of requirements and the timing behind them (which as an advisor I do for my clients anyway!). So testing was part of our itinerary in order to board our flights and the cruise ship. A very "easy" price to pay!

After a quick night in Athens, we boarded the ship for our 10-day voyage through the Greek Isles. Because it had been awhile since I traveled last, I was incredibly excited to stand in front of the Silver Moon. It felt like having my favorite gooey chocolate dessert handed to me after going without sugar for months. It tasted just as good as I thought it would! The ship (and the amazing staff on board) did not disappoint.

Silversea's Covid protocols were impressive and we felt safe the entire time. Free tests were offered, passengers were very respectful of the mask requirements in public spaces and hand sanitizer was plentiful. They made it feel second nature. I like to say they were all class, all the time. And not at the expense of being stuffy.

We experienced several ports on several islands (Cyprus, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini, just to name a few). We saw beautiful ruins, swam in the Mediterranean, hiked up to a fortress one day and a gorge the next, walked old town city streets, did a wine tasting, made our own clay pot and even took a cooking class on how to make spanakopita and baklava. There really is something for everyone there and we felt like we truly sampled a little of everything Greece had to offer.

Overall, I have to say some of my favorite moments from our trip were those where we slowed down and took in the scenery while enjoying a local beverage or meal. I guess I could say that would be the goal for most any trip!

Want to learn more about Liz's traveling experience, Greece or cruising the Mediterranean (or other destinations)? Email her at


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