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Hello, Dream Job!

Welcome to your best job ever!

A recent Gallup study revealed the happiest job in America belongs to travel agents.  Or as we prefer to call ourselves, travel designers.  If you have been searching for a career that offers more fulfillment, it doesn't get much better than helping clients realize their travel dreams. 


Thanks for considering Pique Travel Design for your next career choice.  It promises to be an exciting journey.

"Choose a job
and you will
a day in your life"


Jim & Linda Bendt

be your
own boss

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Seasoned Travel Designers

Looking for more clout?

  • $30 billion in buying power

  • Impeccable industry reputation as seen in the
    New York Times, Barrons, CNBC, Travel weekly... 

  • Proud member of Virtuoso representing the
    Top 1% of travel agencies worldwide.

Looking for more innovative programs?

  • Pique created Wanderlist® for the Virtuoso network.  The most talked about program of 2019.  

  • Virtuoso Innovation Award recipient 2016, 2017, 2018

  • New technology tools to drive efficiency and polish.

Looking for more earning potential?

  • Generate new income and future proof your business with our exclusive Wanderlist® program 

  • Earn better margins of 20-30% on custom FIT bookings. Double the industry average.  

  • Pique's prompt payment program issues payments on a bi-weekly basis versus once a month.  Custom FIT trips are paid 30-60 days faster than industry norms.

  • Optimize your book of business to work smarter, not harder with Pique's proprietary "Client Optimizer" program.

Looking for a better agency culture?

  • If you feel like a lost # in a big host agency, Pique's small welcoming culture will embrace you like family.  

  • Pique's focus is finding talent with the right fit.  Ensuring you'll be collaborating with the industry's best minds.

  • Stay connected with your peers through our online community to ask questions and share insights.

  • Join exclusive Virtuoso advisor communities to enhance your passion and learning - family, cruise, adventure, culinary, wellness, and ultra-luxe. 

Looking for a stronger value proposition?

  • Access $500+ in exclusive privileges at over 1200 of the worlds finest hotels.  Including many Four Seasons.

  • Offer more choices with 250 (primarily Four Star) hotels providing exclusive amenities including complimentary breakfast, free wi-fi, upgrade at check-in, and more.

  • Add tremendous value with guaranteed upgrades at time of booking (not check-in) at over 75 of the finest hotels around the world.

  • Present better value than the cruise lines with over 500 sailings featuring exclusive privileges such as a private car and driver, behind-the-scenes-tours, shipboard credits and private shore excursions.

  • Differentiate yourself with a verified VIP program offering top spending clients special VIP treatment with Virtuoso Reserve. 

Career Switchers

We specialize in career switchers:

  • Pique was founded by two career switchers with a passion for travel.  In fact, 95% of our team came from different backgrounds ranging from MBAs, public relations, education and consulting.  We were all drawn together by the transformative power of travel.  We know what it takes to become successful.  And we know what mistakes to avoid to help you achieve your goals faster.  

We invest in helping you be your best:

  • Pique invests over $10,000 in time, mentoring and resources to help our new affiliates launch a successful business.  This level of investment in your success is unparalleled within the industry.  We treat this a true partnership that will foster a long-term relationship.

  • Your first year of learning and growth includes a dedicated one-on-one mentor, access to Pique owners, bi-weekly video conference calls, an immersive weeklong in-person training program and an active online community of Pique travel designers and affiliates to help answer your questions.  Our affiliates feel very supported following their new career path.

We are looking for a few like-minded candidates:

Pique has been fortunate to receive a lot of interest in our unique affiliate program.  And while it would be easy to accept the masses, we have chosen instead to focus on protecting what has made us so successful - our innovative culture.  As a result, last year only 5% of our applicants were invited to become Pique affiliates.


Given our high level of investment in our affiliates, we are looking for the best-of-the-best.  If you're someone with the desire and grit to take a leap of faith we would love to hear from you.  At first, you might feel a mix of emotions.  Both thrilling and maybe a little scary.  But if you're willing to learn and grow with us, in a few years you'll be a much happier, better you.  

So what does it take to be considered as an affiliate?

  1. Well-traveled around the world.

  2. The confidence to tap into your network of 75-100+ travelers at the 4 and 5-star level.

  3. The commitment to make this your full-time career.

  4. An entrepreneurial drive to start your own business.  

  5. The patience to build your book of business over the next 3-5 years.  It will then run on repeat & referral.

We offer more earning potential:

  • Generate new income and future proof your business with our exclusive Wanderlist® program developed by Pique Travel Design for Virtuoso.

  • Participate in our various lead gen programs including Pique referrals,, Engage online chat, Wanderlist, Virtuoso communities and more.  

  • Earn income right away with our professional service fee programs instead of waiting months for your commission check to arrive.  

  • Earn better margins of 20-30% on custom FIT bookings. Double the industry average.  

  • Get paid sooner and more often with Pique's prompt payment program.  Payments are issued on a bi-weekly basis versus once a month.  Custom FIT trips are paid 30-60 days faster than industry norms.

We provide deep professional development resources:

  • Subsidized study abroad tours

  • Pique Travel Academy

  • Virtuoso Travel Academy

  • Specialized partner training - hotels, tours, cruises and tourism boards.

  • Virtuoso Travel Week - The Fashion Week of travel. 

  • Networking events - Throughout the U.S.

  • Virtuoso communities - Wellness, Cruise, Adventure, Ultra-luxe, Family and Culinary.

So you love to travel...

That's the allure of this profession.  And that's what drew us all into this fulfilling career.   However, being a travel designer is not without its challenges.  It's still work.  With a high degree of responsibility.  Ask yourself, how would you manage these issues?


Crisis management

Weather, safety, delays and the economy keep us on our toes.  Are you a calming voice?


Designing special memories carries great responsibility.  Can you shoulder this pressure? 


Discerning clients demand responsive, high-touch service.  Do you thrive on helping others?

Even the best-designed plans can experience unexpected surprises.  Do you enjoy problem-solving?


Cash flow  
Starting a travel business takes time to nurture and build.  Can you invest 3-5 years in your future?

Want To Work At Pique?

If you prefer to work at Pique Travel Design instead of becoming an affiliate partner we have three important positions in our agency:

Documents Department

This job offers schedule flexibility on a part-time, hourly basis.  The primary role is to assist in creating our document booklets under the direction of our travel managers and designers.  Required skills include excellent grammar, proofreading, and attention to detail.  No prior travel experience needed.  But helpful.  

Travel Manager

Managers work hand-in-hand with our travel designers to finalize the details of the travel booking.  Duties may include researching travel options, making payments, confirming reservations, handling travel insurance and some client contact.  No prior travel experience needed.  But helpful.  

Travel Designer

Designers consult with clients to create unique experiences that are all their own.  Our designers are recognized amongst the best in the industry.  A minimum of 5 years of travel designing experience is required.  

"The only way
to do great work, 
what you do."

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