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Best Cruises Around The World

If you’re a seasoned cruiser, you know the options to see the world by water are endless. Whether it’s a Mediterranean cruise through the Greek Isles, a month-long tour from Beijing to Sydney or a relaxing Caribbean getaway through some of the earth’s most pristine waters, cruises offer a diversity that many travel experiences find hard to rival. 

Our talented travel designers will help you find the right match by researching, quite literally, a "Sea of Options."  Clients can also rest easy by taking advantage of our special Pique Perks:


  • Price match guarantee.  Same price as booking direct.

  • Unbiased advice.  Our designers are paid on salary.  Not commission!

  • Cruise comparison analysis to find the right match for you.

  • Over 500 luxury cruise sailings include a choice of:

    • Private car and driver in port.  Behind-the-scenes tours.  Specialty dining options.  Shipboard and spa treatment credits.  Custom and private shore tours.

  • Assistance with all aspects of your travel including flights, hotels, and transfers.  

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