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About Us
  • Top 1% of travel agencies worldwide | Virtuoso member

  • Featured in the NY Times, Barrons, and Associated Press

  • Highly accredited by Virtuoso, ASTA, ARC and CLIA

  • Top industry talent recognized for their craft

  • 5 Star Google client reviews

  • Over $30 billion in purchasing power

A World of Difference
Highly Accredited

Pique Travel Design is a highly accredited travel agency that has become a trusted industry resource.  Our work has appeared in many of the top media outlets across the country.  And our deep expertise has led to advisory roles with some of the world's top hotels and tourism boards.  


Top Talent

Pique Travel Design has been fortunate to attract some of the best minds in the industry. Our designers are curious, highly educated with college degrees (and some post-graduate) and, dare we say, fun to work with.


Our designers are paid on salary to eliminate any potential bias that commission structures could add to the equation. And each designer has traveled extensively in their areas of expertise (and beyond). You can rest assured we have a knack for finding the most remarkable things to do and places to see.





Trusted By Clients

Written by Stacy J.


"We had put off a big trip primarily because every time we started planning, we became overwhelmed by the process.  A few Google searches and - bam! - you've spent 5 hours online, you're down a deep rabbit hole and you're no closer to making a decision than you were when you started.  Every hotel on TripAdvisor has a horrible review for every good one.  But when a friend recommended that we use a travel agent I realized this trip may actually happen.   

When I think of travel agencies, my brain jumps back to the 1980's and I picture a cramped office filled with revolving metal racks stocked with glossy brochures with Swiss Alps and Cruise Ships on the cover so I hadn't even considered the option, but I was ready for help.  Several people recommended Pique Travel Design, so I set up a call with them.  The first thing you should know about them is that they are passionate travelers, and their goal is to create the best experience possible for you.  In one short 30 minute call, I told them where we wanted to go, what types of things my family generally likes to do, what our general budget was and when we wanted to travel. They kept in touch over a couple weeks via email, bouncing some ideas off of me, and then we had a subsequent call to review a trip itinerary.  After the elation wore off (this trip was actually going to happen!) I kicked myself for not discovering Pique sooner.  

My husband and I met with our designer at Pique's offices and reviewed a well-organized traveler book that had been personalized for us, that contained printed agendas, information on transfers (all rides to and from our flights and train ride were set up in advance with courteous safe drivers), pre-paid "jump the line" passes (this literally saved us HOURS of waiting) and even restaurant suggestions based on that day's whereabouts. 

We were traveling with our 3 kids (ages 16, 13, 10) and to have all of the guesswork taken out of where to stay (they personally vouch for each location and our hotels were top notch), and what to do, let us focus our time on each other and the experience.  We had one glitch in that we didn't make our tour time due to some travel delays, but we made a call to Pique's offices and they took care of everything and rebooked our tour. 


It felt like such a personal experience and it felt like we had VIP treatment from start to finish (Pique even was kind enough to have a plate of delicious cakes and treat delivered to our room upon check-in).  We will be using Pique again and I recommend them to everyone!"

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Powered by People, Not Algorithms

We offer worry free, expert travel advice. While many travel websites rely on computer algorithms and artificial intelligence, our expertise comes from our first-hand knowledge.


There is nothing "artificial" about our intelligence.  We listen. Get to know you.  And then design an amazing trip that's all your own.  Once you experience working with our designers, you will wonder why you wasted all that time traveling another way.

Whether you're a solo traveler, couple, family, multi-generational group or company wanting a unique incentive idea, we're looking for a few like-minded clients who believe in the transformative power of travel and appreciate the counsel of a professional designer.  

Jim and Linda Bendt, Owners

Not Your Average Travel Agency

Pique's headquarters pay homage to our name by sparking a sense of curiosity and exploration.  The experience begins the moment you walk through our door.


Originally a lumber warehouse built in the 1940s, we renovated this historic space to highlight the vaulted wooden barrel ceiling while adding a bar and stone fireplace to bring the warmth and comfort of a luxury lodge.


Chalked with character, our rustic floors display yellow pallet marks that hail from the building’s lumber days and evoke fun conversation (and a hidden desire to play shuffleboard). 


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