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Guana Island - A Respite in the Caribbean

Every year, as a Minnesotan, I kick myself if I don't find a way to escape the cold in February when I'm starting to get tired of windchill and shoveling. So this year, when I had the chance to go visit Guana Island, I made sure to make it happen!

Part of the British Virgin Islands, Guana Island is an 850 acre private island that is mostly undeveloped. The lodging here consists of 18 cottages that are perched on the cliff with stunning views of the beaches and water the BVIs are known for. This trip was one of the more unique hotel experiences I've had in my life, and in the best way possible.

Many of the guests have been coming here for decades and have grown to know each other and the staff quite well. It has a bit of an adult "summer camp" feel where you are able to dine together if you choose (did I mention it's all inclusive of food and drinks - and the meals are fabulous?), make your own cocktails at the self-service bar, choose to spend your day hiking some of the miles of trails, lounging at the beach, touring the garden and tasting some of the local fruits and veggies used in the kitchen, kayaking to private beaches, or of course a spa treatment.

The highlight of this trip for me was getting to know our fellow guests who were all fascinating people. While there are no televisions in the rooms (this is somewhere you go to retreat and relax), when we found some Ohio football fans, we managed to set up a projector in the library to watch the Super Bowl with the help of the ever accommodating staff.

Guana is a special place - when you leave, they stop the boat so you can throw a flower overboard, which floats to shore where they say it will wait for you as your reminder to come back. It's a special experience when you leave a hotel feeling so emotional and affirms you've found something truly unique and memorable.

Email Erin if you want to learn more about Guana Island or other destinations within the Caribbean.


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