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Oh the Places You'll 2019

It's fun for us to look ahead to all the unique, exciting trips we have in store for our clients this year. We have travelers heading to more than 100 different destinations in 2019 covering every continent (even the North Pole!). Following are a few highlights to inspire YOUR next adventure.

Monarch Migration

There is more to Mexico than beaches and ruins - like the annual monarch butterfly migration. Clients Wendy and Kim are heading to Central Mexico to visit the butterfly reserves where 60 million to more than a billion butterflies congregate in the forest after eight months and four generations of migration. Besides discussing the ecology and natural history with expert guides, their trip will include exploring Mexico's unique art, history and culture all while staying at luxury ranches, like the Hotel Rancho San Cayetano set along 13 acres of Mexican countryside.

True Croatia

One of the top emerging destinations on Virtuoso's Luxe Report of 2019, Croatia is a country that has endless opportunities to enjoy culture, wine, biking and beaches. With the help Pique's amazing in-country partner there, clients heading there this fall will enjoy exclusive activities such as a private cooking class in a chef's private 13th century home and a visit to the often overlooked island of Šolta for a beautiful bike and family beekeeper tour. Another unique excursion? Sea kayaking at the base of the city walls of Dubrovnik, discovering unreachable caves and hidden beaches!

On Top of The World

This June, a group of 14 clients will take a two-week voyage aboard the 50 Years of Victory, the world’s most powerful nuclear powered icebreaker vessel. They will crush through Arctic ice, sight see by helicopter on the lookout for iconic wildlife, and take a tethered hot-air balloon ride. Once arriving at their final destination, 90º N known as the North Pole, everyone will be treated to a champagne toast and a barbeque meal set out on the ice. Some brave souls may even opt to do a true polar plunge into the icy waters!

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Tracking mountain gorillas through the dense African forests is a magical experience. After safari in Tanzania, Pique's clients will enjoy luxury lodging in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park with the highlight being gorilla trekking. The treks are in very small groups to ensure limited human interaction with the gorillas. However those on the trek will be up close (about seven meters) from these large and magnificent animals and be able to enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. Another rare experience for our clients will be golden monkey trekking, as only a small number remain in the world.

Want to get your own trip on our map yet for 2019? Contact to talk about where you should head to next!

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