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Nicaragua's Hardship

In April, Nicaragua leader Daniel Ortega announced country-wide cuts to social security and pensions that upset thousands of local residents. Within hours protests began in Managua and have since spread to Granada and other areas of the country.

With partners and friends living in Nicaragua, Pique Travel Owners, Jim and Linda Bendt have been saddened to have to advise travelers to postpone any plans to visit this beautiful country. Locals in Granada, Managua and outlying areas have told Pique that violence is spreading, road blocks are prevalent and popular markets and accommodations are closing until further notice.

While peace talks have been repeatedly proposed, they have been met with protests and, at times, violence. Here is a recent news reports from PBS News Hour.

Our team at Pique continues to monitor this situation (and others around the world). We look forward to the day the internal conflict is resolved so we can share this beautiful, culturally rich and unique destination with you.

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