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Hawaii’s True Aloha

Aloha. It means many things to the people of Hawaii – hello and goodbye for starters. But at the heart of Hawaii, Aloha means love. And to people who visit (or live) there, it provokes a feeling of community, graciousness and kindness. Pique Travel owners, Jim and Linda Bendt, lived in Hawaii for nearly three years. It’s one of their favorite places to send clients to...and to show them an authentic, real way to experiences these magical islands. Within the past few months, we’ve sent several clients to a variety of Hawaiian Islands, including one of the least known – Molokai. Enjoy their stories.

Shankar Iyer, Chicago

My wife and I took our two kids to Hawaii over the holiday break this past December. We enjoy active travel and experiences you can’t get just anywhere so we chose to visit Hawaii Island (Big Island) and Molokai. Both islands were amazing...for very different reasons.

The Big Island is truly unique. A mix of black lava rock, lush valleys, rolling farmland and hills, and beautiful blue Pacific waters surrounding it all. Two of our most memorable highlights from this island were the sunrise helicopter tour (we opted to do the long one and were so thankful we did!) and horseback riding. Our entire family loved both experiences (the kids got to sit in the front seat of the chopper) and our son Nick now wants to take helicopter flying lessons some day!

After a few days there, we flew over to Molokai. We would have never have known about this island if it weren’t for Pique Travel. It’s not known for tourism, in fact there aren’t really hotels and the locals are protective of their special island. Pique rented us an amazing house on a quiet 3-mile beach that was like no other!

Bilderbeek and Gerhardson Families, Minneapolis

We are firm believers in “not all those who wander are lost.” We have always believed that it’s our duty to show our kids the world – not give it to them. Family vacations have been at the center of this philosophy. We have sought out places, both near and far, where we can experience different cultures, food, unique people and landscapes and learn new things. All while spending time together as a family.

We had vacationed in Hawaii before and loved it. But this time, we were looking for something a little different. Fewer crowds. A little less-traveled. Something more authentic. And an opportunity to travel with long-time family friends. Molokai delivered.

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