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Experiencing Italia

Italy is a land full of rich culture, history, beautiful landscapes, savory foods and endless wine. But what are some of the more unique things to do there if you’re a repeat visitor? Here are a handful of experiences that are worth asking your Pique Travel designer more about.

Swiss Guard Secrets Follow behind the billowing purple and saffron stripes of a member of the Swiss Guard and into his private living and training quarters. Ask any burning questions about Vatican life and learn what it takes to protect the Pontiff.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Passing through the lovely area of Santo Stefano and Accademia, stroll through the artistic shops of Venice to see everything from antique stores and Venetian hand-made paper shops to Fortuny fabrics and galleries. After the neighborhood walk, visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection with an expert guide. The Collection is known worldwide as it houses the best of 20th Century art from Picasso, Ernst, Magritte and Pollock.

Herbal Laboratory Visit one of the most beautiful herb and flower gardens in Tuscany. Take a tour of the organic herb gardens with a trained herbalist and discover how perfumes, oils and soaps are manufactured by Lisabetta in the herbal laboratory. Gather wild herbs and flowers and practice the traditional methods of using natural ingredients to create the finest products and cuisine.

Tuscan Painting Class Find an important collection of 20th Century art at this charming 18th Century Villa on the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy the estate's own gallery, art studio, artist’s house, sculpture garden and an impressive array of art equipment available for guests to use at their leisure. Take a painting class from talented students at the Royal Drawing School utilizing the historic architecture, breathtaking natural landscapes and exceptional Tuscan light as the perfect base for discovering the Art of Relaxation.

Singular Italy Gain access to the Florentine icon for dinner on the fourth-floor terrace of the famed Ponte Vecchio. Feast on a delicious four-course dinner of Michelin-starred cuisine. While dining, enjoy the view of the Arno as you sit atop Europe’s oldest segmented arch.

Countryside Truffle Hunt Meet an expert truffle hunter with his even more expert dog, who guide through the woods of Tuscany in search of this ‘black gold.’ At the end of the day, enjoy a special truffle tasting and lunch at the hunter’s home, with truffles featured in every course.

Ferrari Drive through Tuscany Experience the ultimate in iconic cars by driving along the scenic roads of Tuscany in a Ferrari. After a brief tutorial to get acquainted with the Ferrari's commands, get behind the wheel. Enjoy control of the car as the road winds along the gorgeous vineyards and olive groves. You’ll have a tailored itinerary to experience the ultimate Ferrari day, complete with a route and car that is most exciting for each guest.

Pastry Class Visit a small pastry shop in the center of a medieval town of Tuscany countryside to work side by side with the pastry Chef. Make a variety of sweets, biscotti, and cakes. Enjoy a tasty lunch with pizza made in-house and the sweets created from the day’s labor. Take home some sweets as a souvenir of the cooking venture!

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