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Life Beyond the Lobby | Icehotel

For those seeking a “cool” hotel experience, check out the Icehotel in Sweden. Some may visit just for the novel idea of sleeping in a room made of ice (thanks to water from the Tome River), while others will stay a couple days and enjoy the activities and beauty surrounding the location.

Summer months (June-August) bring milder temperatures, which make it great for hiking, cycling and wildlife viewing. The nearby river also provides the opportunity for paddle surfing, fishing, rafting and more.

Winter months (December-April) are a popular time to visit, much in part to the breathtaking Northern Lights (snowmobile safaris are an amazing way to see the night skies come to life).

Other activities include dog sledding, horseback riding, ice sculpting class and more.

Watch the BBC’s Life Beyond the Lobby segment to learn more about a stay at the Icehotel.

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