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Exploring the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea has continued to pique the interest of travelers in recent years. Whether you’re of Scandanavian descent and want to visit countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland, you’re intrigued by St. Petersburg, Russia, or the northern countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are some of the only European countries not checked off your bucket list, this region in the North has much to offer.

Nearly 1,000 miles long and covering 149,000 square miles, the Baltic Sea is technically an arm of the North Atlantic Ocean. It touches many countries and is most often visited as part of a cruise adventure. In fact, Azamara has a popular 12-night Baltic and Russia cruise and Silversea offers a Stockholm to Copenhagen cruise. Two of our favorites that help you explore this fascinating and culturally rich part of Europe.

So, what are some of the highlights of journeying through the Baltic Sea and its surrounding lands? Here are a handful of top sights and experiences that are popular on Baltic Sea cruises:

Stockholm, Sweden

Locals often refer to their city as “beauty on water.” And while there is much history and heritage there, Sweden’s capital has grown into a dynamic and modern international city. The city actually consists of 14 islands, but the area is compact and easy to navigate. Foot bridges and public transportation make it visitor friendly. Be sure to visit Vasamuseet, the custom-built home of the massive warship Vasa, the ABBA museum and dine on some of the best Nordic flavors of the region.

Helsinki, Finland

If you like majestic open spaces, fine architecture and courteous locals, Finland is for you. Helsinki has much to offer by way of museums, architecture and sightseeing. Be sure to visit sites including the Parliament House, National Museum, Finlandia Hall, new Helsinki Music Center and the Contemporary Art Museum. If you can’t get enough of the water, check out the Porvoo Archipelago, where you’re able to take motorized boats in and out of these beautiful islands.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Cathedrals, palaces, museums and gardens are a large part of what makes up the allure of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Visitors can enjoy a range of sites and experiences such as the historic Menshikov Palace, Log Cabin of Peter the Great, Hermitage Museum (home to 3+ million works of art and artifacts), stroll through the Summer Garden, and take a scenic boat cruise along the Neva River and canals. The proud history, enchanting colors and natural outdoor beauty are sure to draw you back.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia's history is sprinkled with various governing entities, but in 1991 the beautiful country and its people finally regained independence. Tallinn, its capital, has many “must see” sites including Kardriorg Park, the Song Festival Grounds and Pirita; the 'Forest City' of Nõmme with its open-air market; and the gates, walls and towers of the Old Town. Be sure to explore the countryside and its villages and take in the panoramic coast.

Copenhagen, Denmark Possibly most known for its high concentration of bikers and pedestrians, Copenhagen is a unique blend of old world and new. Grand royal palaces co-exist nicely with cutting-edge buildings and attractions. Visitors often find themselves wandering the quaint and friendly neighborhoods and taking in key sites such as the Little Mermaid Statue, National Gallery of Denmark, Rosenborg Castle, City Hall and Square, King's New Square and more.

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