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The Magic of Morocco

Located in the northwest Africa, Morocco borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its neighbors include Algeria to the east, and the Western Sahara to the south. Slightly larger than the state of California it is currently the only monarchy in North Africa after gaining its independence from France in 1956.

Marrakesh was named one of the top 10 places to travel to in 2018 by TIME magazine as it is one of the bigger cities in Morocco. The city’s prominent gallery spaces are a prime attraction for artists and writers.

Being one of the most popular film settings in the world, fans of the Game of Thrones series may recognize Morocco’s vast landscape. The films Mission Impossible and Casablanca have made Morocco recognizable as well.

Because of Morocco’s close proximity to Europe, there are major cultural similarities to Spain as well as France from its previous colonization. Arabic and Berber are the most commonly spoken languages, but Spanish and French are also prevalent in other areas of the country. Some say that the capital city, Rabat, feels like Lyon with similar food and architecture as France. Northern Morocco however is dominated by the Spanish culture. Consequently, it is not uncommon for Moroccans to speak three languages natively.

Sights and Experiences of Morocco

Morocco is full of unique experiences. Here are a few of our favorites:

Heli-Skiing in the High Atlas

Go extreme on a heli-ski fantasy in the High Atlas Mountains. Grab your boots and board a chopper for the dramatic ride to the highest ski resort in Africa; landing at more than 10,000 feet, the perfect terrain of untouched slopes. Blaze along wild paths through deep powder, surrounded by a majestic landscape—truly one of the world’s most spectacular wilderness skiing experiences.

Moroccan Photography Journey

Experience the charming cities of Marrakech and Fez. When the light is right, capture the ancient clay walls of the hilltop village. Work with an expert photographer in the village to take portraits of wizened snake charmers, tanners knee-deep in dye vats, and traditional Berber families. When the day is almost over, travel through the Sahara Desert on a camel to capture the sun setting on the dunes.

Mint Tea with Mountain Berbers

Break homemade bread with a traditional Berber family in the Atlas Mountains. From the base of 13,671-foot-high Djebel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, ride a mule to a remote village and be welcomed by Mohamed into his clan’s humble home for a genuine Berber breakfast with fresh-brewed mint tea. Share laughter and soak in the stunning views and authentic atmosphere, complete with cows, chickens and sheep. Afterward, another feast for the senses awaits during lunch at Kasbah Tamadot, a luxury estate owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Tajine Cookery Class

Get ready for the ultimate Tajine experience on this one of a kind tour in Marrakech. Receive a master lesson that will send you home with supreme, insider knowledge of Tajine making and the delicate art of market haggling. From market to plate, you’ll learn how to whip up a Tajine from scratch, using ingredients from the famous Marrakech souks. The best part of it all? You get to devour your Tajine after you’ve made it!

Yves St Laurent's Majorelle Gardens

Meet the former designer of Yves St Laurent's Majorelle Gardens, and Morocco's most famous perfume designer, in his private villa. He's one of the country's foremost collectors of contemporary Moroccan art and a treasure trove of gripping stories.

If Morocco has been added to your bucket list, the peak time to travel is late spring and fall. It is recommended to visit Marrakech, Fes and Rabat which are doable within a week’s trip. If Spain or Portugal are in your future, look to add an extension to Morocco onto the journey!

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