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Creating a Meaningful Family Trust

Creating a family trust can be a stressful process. On one hand, you want to provide financial safety and security for your family. But on the other, you want to ensure your gift fosters growth and development for your children and grandchildren. If only you could give them the world.  Now you can through America’s first-ever Travel Trust® family planning service. This innovative family trust program allows parents and grandparents to place tax-exempt gifts into a family trust. The Trust funds can be used for enriching travel experiences today and in the future.


Give Them The World

For many, travel is an important, personally enriching part of life. It expands our minds and shapes our identities. One of the most fulfilling aspects of travel is being able to share it with others. These special moments are often preserved for future generations through photography, stories, journal entries and video.

Imagine the joy of traveling with children and grandchildren and literally sharing the wonders of ancient civilizations, amazing wildlife, and foreign cultures.
  Or what if you set up an investment account while your loved ones are young and let compounding interest create a travel nest egg they can use as an adult?  It's a legacy gift that will literally last a lifetime.  


Gift Tax Exemption

Pique Travel Design is giving new meaning to estate planning and gift tax exemptions. According to Section 2503b of the Internal Revenue Code, each year married couples have a gift tax exclusion up to $30,000 ($15,000 per individual). Instead of simply giving away assets to children and grandchildren, more and more Americans are choosing to design their family trust with the goal of enriching the lives of their family. These gifts are often designated for education, and more recently, travel.  Many people are interested in giving gifts for both education and travel but don’t realize they can maximize their tax-savings for both goals. By writing a tuition check directly to a qualified educational organization (tax-free) you can fully maximize your savings and free up your annual gift tax exemption for rich travel experiences.


Work With Your Own Attorney and Financial Advisor

We understand the importance of existing relationships.  Our helpful advisors can work with your own team to collaborate with them on designing your Travel Trust® plan.


Learn more about setting up your own Travel Trust® family plan:

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