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Perhaps more than any other continent in the world, Africa is sure to stimulate your senses time and time again during your travels. With its size and diversity, that could mean anything from tasting the succulent flavors of food in Morocco and hearing the whispers of confusion while visiting the Apartheid Museum to smelling the fresh sage in the bush and seeing first hand the awe of the great pyramids or witnessing the great migration. 


Many travelers have Africa on their bucket list, often thinking it’s a “once in a lifetime trip.” But after their first trip to this amazing continent, they find themselves spending that lifetime going back. At the same time, it is important to recognize one fact:

Not all safaris in Africa are created equal

Our travel designers have scouted the best lodges, national parks and guides to help you avoid common pitfalls while maximizing your time in Africa.  Which safari experience would you prefer?

A touristy traffic jam...
or a private African safari?
A bucket shower...
or luxury in the African bush?
A tourist trap...
or authentic cultural interactions?
When To Book?

Holidays: 12 months prior

Jan-May: 6-9 months prior

Jun-Sep 9-12 months prior

Oct-Dec: 6-9 months prior

Don't wait. The best options disappear quickly.


Travel is an investment in yourself, and it’s not worth the gamble to compromise the experience you’ve been dreaming about. Every day you wait, means another traveler is taking an option off the table.   


For example: 

  • The most authentic lodging is offered by small boutique properties with local character.  However, the charm of a small property means the limited number of rooms quickly sell out.    

  • Tour guides will make or break your trip.  When you have an exceptional guide, it can be life-changing.  When you have a mediocre guide, it’s a missed opportunity.  The best guides are booked well in advance.  Travelers who wait will only find mediocre talent available closer to the travel date.

When To Go?

Peak Season

Jun, Jul, Aug,

Shoulder Season:

Jan, Feb, Mar,

Africa is big.  Really big.  With over 50 countries, it's important to keep distances in mind and realize you can't do it all in a 10 day vacation.


Our designers will help you select the region that is right for you so you can spend more time enjoying Africa than worrying about getting from point A to B.

southern africa

Southern Africa
Southern Africa Country Pairings

Many of us plan trips with a one-place-at-a-time mentality.  This type of thinking is very inefficient.  By taking a bigger picture view, it's easy to pair multiple places into one trip.  Thus, saving the airfare to backtrack to a region we could have already seen.    


These countries in the Southern region of Africa offer good flight and transfer routes that can be incorporated into a trip.   Traveling to the Seychelles or Madagascar will require more time but direct flights depart from South Africa.        


Country Pairings

Bostwana, Namibia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

east africa

Eastern Africa
East Africa Country Pairings

These countries in East Africa offer good flight and transfer routes that can be incorporated into a trip. Traveling to the Seychelles or Madagascar will require more time but direct flights are available from Kenya.

Country Pairings

Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda

north africa

North Africa Country Pairings

The following countries in North Africa offer good flight and transfer routes that can be incorporated into a trip.


Country Pairings

Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey

Country Pairings

Morocco, Spain, Portugal

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We offer worry free, expert travel advice. While many travel websites rely on computer algorithms and artificial intelligence, our expertise comes from our first-hand knowledge.  

There is nothing "artificial" about our intelligence.  We listen. Get to know you.  And then design an amazing trip that's all your own.  

Once you experience working with our travel designers, you will wonder why you wasted all that time traveling another way.

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