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Know Before You Go - National Parks

Hopefully visiting the US National Parks is on your bucket list. And, no matter which of the 58 parks you choose, useful travel tips can go a long way to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Here are a few we keep in mind when Pique Travel designers plan national park adventures for our clients:

Identify park requirements and regulations – Each park across the country has different requirements for visitors. Understanding permitting, group size restrictions, open fire regulations and food storage/disposal requirements are an important part of planning your travels.

Learn about the environment and potential hazards – Preparing for the unique environment, landscape and potential hazards before you travel will help you maximize your time within the park. Planning for inclement weather, challenging terrain and wildlife are just a few things that could help manage your activities, timing and success during your trip.

Pick the right activities for your group – Many national parks provide a list of activities specific to that park on their web site. Be sure to keep in mind the time/season of your travels, the ages and physical abilities of those in your group, and the duration you want activities to last. If you’re traveling with children, consider participating in the Ranger-guided and Ranger Junior activities.

Don’t rely on your cell phone – Cell reception can be limited in many of the parks due to their remoteness. Don’t count on it for a light source, map, survival guide or an emergency call. Be sure to test your cell reception when you arrive at your destination so you know what to expect.

Share your itinerary – If you’re backpacking, camping or even day hiking to remote areas, be sure someone knows of your planned whereabouts. Sharing your itinerary with a friend or family member before you leave is always a good practice.

Click here to learn more about our country’s beautiful national parks and how to best enjoy them. Email if you want to discuss possible itineraries, unique park experiences and insider access through Pique Travel.

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